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E46 (3-Series) Quad Exhaust

E46 (3-Series) Quad Exhaust
  • Model: umnexhe46
  • Shipping Weight: 65lbs
  • Manufactured by: Umnitza


E46 6cyl Models (does not fit E46 M3)

Requires custom welding for convertible.


  • HEAR THE VIDEO HERE <-- represents sample sound, your sound will vary slightly, however all our exhausts are built to the same sound specifications.

  • 100% 304 stainless steel construction (including interior parts), all welded.

  • TRUE dual 86mm (3.5") diameter outlet

  • Full cat-back system.

  • Completely TIG-welded.

  • 50% of the weight of the stock exhaust

  • Fully polished.

  • Deep mellow tone without being overly loud.

Why twin silencers? Looking closely at your E46's exhaust path, gases leave the combustion chamber via sequential manifolds, and briefly intermingle in a single collector before splitting back into two paths and passing through the catalyzing and resonating portions of the exhaust. Conventional wisdom holds that inline-6 engines respond well to a shared muffler before exiting the exhaust path. But with the complicated system of components already installed on your, there is little or no scavenging effect left to be had at the rear of the car.


By using two completely separate silencers, this exhaust design maintains separate exhaust gas paths from the catalytic converters right through to the outside atmosphere. The result? Awesome sound, unique appearance, and the performance you expect.

What's it like on the car? This starts up and idles with little hint that you have a performance exhaust. But once you tip into the throttle, the deep, pleasant tone and slight burble let discerning listeners know that this is not your ordinary E60. All Exhausts Sold for 'Off-Road' Use Only - No Warranty or Certification is Expressed or Implied.

As revs increase, the tone only gets sweeter, emitting a wail that only an Italian car can match. Cruising on the highway is blessedly relaxed, with no droning in the middle revs, and a mellow sound on long trips.

All Exhausts Sold for 'Off-Road' Use Only - No Warranty or Certification is Expressed or Implied for ON-ROAD CERTIFICATION. Exhaust is warranted for 1 year free from defects.

  • weight savings: roughly 20lbs lighter than your original equipment exhaust.

  • versatile mounting height capability for cars that have aftermarket body kit.

Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

All Available for 6-cylinder 1999+ E46 with M3 Rear (may require some modificaiton to diffuser to fit).

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