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Predator Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes with Remote

Predator Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes with Remote
Starting at: $159.99
  • Model: umnov25
  • Manufactured by: Umnitza

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Umnitza Predator OrionTM V2 (Standard, Opaque, and NEW V2.5 90 LED)

FEATURES: (not available on any other competing product)

Orion V2 now with Night Controller Technology.

We've brought multi-color, we've brought you Opaque, now we offer you the ability to control the output of your rings at night.  Same great quality, now with more CONTROL!  While other companies are cancelling their products, we just keep innovating!


Opaque = More Diffused Light when off.

Night Controller = sets the lights to 70% brightness at night automatically without any additional parts required.  This product allows you to lower output at night with a simple connection to the low beams, so when you turn on your low beams, the lights will fade to 70% 

NEW V2.5 = Available without Night Controller, Naturally OPAQUE, 90 LED Version - 25% brighter than the V2


Some changes to the new Orion V2.5 are quite subtle but make a big difference.

  • 1) We have removed the control boxes and actually built it directly into the circuit board.

  • 2) The LED we are using are designed differently to allow #1 to occur.

  • 3) The LED spacing is dramatically closer together, so there will not be any need for the "opaque" feature.

  • 4) The V2.5 is not available with Night Controller or 4300K

  • 5) 25% greater light output than Orion v2.

  • 6) Available for any other fitments except:

    • a) all E46s 2004-6 facelifted coupes/convertibles

    • b) all E39s 1997-2000, and Projector39 Hella Style

    • c) all E38s 1995-2001

    • d) all E65s 2002-2005 (non-facelifted)

    • e) all E36s with Euro Ellipsoids

    • d) Some other models <-- please inquire first.

Brightest Output of any product on the market

This product incorporates the brightest Light Emitting Diode technology currently available today. The LED is used in a variety of applications due to it's longevity, durability, and cold weather instant operability characteristics. The Predator Orion V2, the only product with the reflective backing to prevent bleeding of the light in all directions points the light output in the direction of the only place that matters - out.  With the new opaque (only available in 6000K), we make the light more diffused and make the LED disappear.


Predator OrionTM V2 are daytime visible, mounted inside a high polish crystal light enhancing cover that is the same size as the OEM angel eyes, just brighter. The high quality wiring harness included was the first to be fully insulated and provides you with both a fused primary trigger and a secondary trigger for automatic dimming (fade/on & fade/off) functionality.

Why settle for any bleeding of light out the back of your rings. Get ones that are crisp and clean.

60-120 LED ARRAY
High Output 10000mcd LEDs. First of their kind on the market.
120LED Orion V4 has 30% more light output as compared to Orion V2 60 LED.
Surface Mount LED with over 175 degree output - widest band output on the market.

Multi-Stage Clipping System
That's right, no need to decide for only 2 clips. Now you have the ability to install the clip in ANY configuration, 2 clicks? no problem, 3 clicks? no problem? 4 clicks? no problem. This solves the one issue that facelifted sedans (02-05 E46 3-series sedans) with trim piece fitment.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Remote Fade/On Fade/Off
  • PolyCarbonate UV Coated Rings
  • The Best fitting product
  • 100K Hours Expected Life
  • Easier Installation than ANY OTHER KIT

Product Description (may describe some optional equipment):

Continuing our class and industry leading technological development allowed us to produce the pinnacle of angel eyes for your car. The Predator OrionTM product line allows you to retain the classy OEM look (with OEM Series) of the original halos from the E39 (5-series) but just raise the bar on brightness and provide the captivating powerful halos you want.

  • 4 Halos - The brightest halos ever produced.

  • Opaque = More Diffused Light when off.
  • 1 full wiring harness

  • Multi-Stage Clipping System (why settle for only 2, when you can have MANY)

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Online Instructions - Linked Install Resources Section

  • All Hardware and Installation Included

  • Headlights & Car Sold Separately


  • Updated Look

  • Allows you to clear or black out your turn signal at the same time

  • Can be wired as DRL (daytime running lights)

  • Significant improvement in visual appeal of car

  • Very Bright/Neo Modern Look

  • Pure White (custom colors available on special order only)

  • No Light Box

  • Easy fit

  • 2X As bright as the Competition -

  • Works with All Auto Leveling and Adaptive Lights - Universal Fit

Install Tips:

  • PRETEST the bulbs, do not flex the bulbs in any way.

  • Ensure secure connections to and from the headlight.

Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

All 1999-2005 Sedans

All 2000-2003 Coupes (with non-sealed lights)

All 2000-2006 M3 (all lights similar to 2000-2003 Coupe Lights)

All 1995-2001 7-series

All 1997-2000 5-series

All 2001-2002 X5 (with corrected OFFSET RING SIZES FOR HIGH AND LOW BEAM)

All 2002-2005 E65 (REQUIRES CUTTING HEADLIGHTS OPEN <-- Inquire With Umnitza) NEW!
All 1992-1999 3-series (E36) with Euro Headlights


Fits All Halogen, Xenon, BiXenon, and Adaptive Xenon Lights


Comparison of Chromium and Orion




  • The rear is covered with a full backing that holds the LED system in place. There are no external solder points on the back.
  • The covering serves as an insulation so there are no exposed points of power that could potentially lead to a short in the circuit.
  • The photo shown has additional pads that will not be on a finished ring that you receive, they were originally put there to stabilize the ring, but that is not necessary giving some proprietary mounting techniques being used.

  • The clipping system is designed to clip onto all types of headlights. The multiple teeth allow you to have the proper fit no matter what application
  • It's length is sufficient for all applications
  • The clips are very high tension, meaning that once they hold onto something, they don't let go. In the past, depending on how you installed the products, you might have a clip releasing from the ring itself. That will be nearly impossible with this product.
  • Also note that the cover discussed in the previous photo is visible here for great "clarity" of what was discussed earlier.
  • Please notice that there is NO exposed wiring
  • Please also notice that the ring goes all the way to the top of the ring, it does not break 3/4 of the way up and it does not have an exposed parts other than the ring itself

  • This is most important part of the rings here - it's CLEAR
  • Also please notice the slim profile of the LEDs so that they are not visible when off.

Standard 6000K


Standard on Driver's Side - 4300K OE | Standard 6000K Color on Passenger Side



Fits E39:


Perfect Fit Every Time

Perfect Fit on Facelifted Sedan



ORION V2 Gold (not available in Opaque)




Comparison of leading competitors:




Comparison Video of All Three Products:  



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