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Projector90 with Orion LED Angel Eyes Black Clear Housing Pair

Projector90 with Orion LED Angel Eyes Black Clear Housing Pair
Starting at: $289.99
  • Model: umnP90ov2
  • Shipping Weight: 25lbs
  • Manufactured by: Umnitza

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Projector90 With Orion V2 Pair of Headlights with Options


Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

2006-2011 Sedan 3-Series E90

2006-2011 Wagon (Touring) 3 Series E91

Will fit facelifted Sedans also til 2011, inquire first.

Product Description :

  • 1 year warranty on Headlights

  • Complete Plug and Play with provided wiring harness (FXR CUSTOM BUILT)

  • Exclusively available with Orion v2 LED angel eyes - the brightest and most reliable on the market.
  • Bulbs not included

    Orion V2 Lifetime warranty

Feature Breakdown:

FXR Options with Pre-Install Selection (CUSTOM BUILT to Order, please allow up to 10 days per build)


  • BIXENON FUNCTIONALITY - Does your car not currenlty have Bixenons? No problem, this application gives you a setup that is just like the factory bixenon feature without reprogramming, errors, rewiring, or new LCM required.

  • 2X better beam pattern (as compared to most OEM applications and aftermarket projectors) - beam pattern is wider, deeprer and the pattern is sharp and defined.

  • Small footprint for easy installation - dimensionally just like stock and aftermarket headlights, doesn't require any custom fitting.

  • Incredible improvement in night visibility - far better light pattern and prism

  • Works with All Auto Leveling and Adaptive Lights


Advances in lighting technology have improved the quality, clarity, and pattern of newer projectors that are currently being installed inside newer headlights for the very best lighting and road visibility. Now, you too can take advantage of the improvement with an OEM style system that dramatically improves upon an already well designed and quality system of the standard headlights offered here.  

While a little more expensive and certainly not for everyone, the FX-R retrofit is completely seamlessly integrated into the housing, retaining full adjustability, auto-leveling controls, with no additional space requirements for install.


The major benefits of the FX-R retrofit are greater intensity, clarity, and dramatically improved light patterns with no associated glare.  And, the major benefit of going with our solution is a fully integrated setup without having to purchase and pay extra for other services.  


A simple chart below illustrates the quality differences between the various solutions:

Your Current Halogen Lights = Black and White TV

Projector Halogen Lights = Color TV

Projector Xenon Lights = LCD TV

Projector Xenon 50W Lights = LCD LED HD TV

Projector Xenon FXR Lights = BlueRay LCD HD TV <-- the best.

For More Information on the FX-R Please Click this Link

1) Xenon System - OEM D2S system is 35W just like OEM cars. If you go for the 50W System, it's 33% brighter than the OEM D2S System. Color choices are available from 4K on up to 6K, with 6K being the most purchased and photographed.


2) Bulbs - When ordering bulbs for non-Xenon optioned headlights, you will need 2 sets. If you are ordering Xenons, we include the bulbs free.


3) Pre-Installed - Any and all options chosen will be pre-installed on the headlight without any work from the customer. A simple plug and play will be provided when the product is delivered.


4) Car Models - All cars that "fit" into a certain model year range are applicable regardless of features or content unless otherwise specified below.


5) Angel Eyes - This is the most visible choice you can make. Our Orion V2 product is the brightest, brighter than any other product (see below) on the market. It's also the most reliable product on the market. Don't settle for "angel eyes" or other applications. Orion V1 is a "dotted" look like the Audi, also reliable but not as bright. The Chromium is a good value choice.


6) Clear Film Protection - It's a good idea to purchase some protective film to keep your headlights looking new if you are in a windy, dirty, or often grimy part of the country. Or, if you do a lot of night driving or country driving where debris can damage your headlight. The film will not protect from larger rocks or accidents



  • Projector headlight system

  • Pure White angel eyes - Industry First
  • No Light boxes to mount
  • Simple installation procedures some cars may require harness and resistors for no errors.
  • Signficant improvement in visual appeal of vehicle
  • Brightest light output on the market
  • 20,000 hour life


Install Tips:


new ProjectroZ




new Projector90



Q) What color should I get? I'm looking for a pure white colour. People say that the 4300k color is a bit brighter, but it has a hint of yellow, something I don't want. Am I right to choose the 5000k color? What are your recommendations?

 [üm•nitza] Pure WHITE is 6000K, 5000K still has a hint of yellow in it. 4300K is very yellow in person.

Q) The "Pre-Installed" option. You've got 3 options here:

- FX-R Retrofit

- No thanks

- Yes, Please 

 Could you please explain what the difference is between "FX-R Retrofit" and "Yes, Please"?

[üm•nitza] "Yes Please" is standard stuff like angel eyes or bulbs or Xenon

FXR retrofit is if you choose the xenon option of the FXR – either with 35W xenon or 50W xenon or bare.

Q) For the "bulbs" option. What's the difference between the "Xenix" bulbs and the "standard 55W halogen" bulbs?

[üm•nitza] If you choose the Xenon option, any of them, you automatically get Xenix buls for the high beams. Xenix bulbs are hyperwhite bulbs that match xenons better. Standard bulbs last longer however but are more yellow.

Q) For the "Xenon" option. I'm not too sure of which option to go for here. Since I'm getting the FX-R's, I'm guessing that I would need to choose one of the FX-R options?

I'm also guessing this section is the actual ballast, which is needed to power the Xenon lights.

If I must choose between the FX-R options, then could you please explain the difference between the 3:



[üm•nitza] Yes, the 35W option is a Canbus HID system. Otherwise, you provide your own xenon with the first option.

Q) Since I have a right hand drive car, would you be able to set the lights accordingly for me?

[üm•nitza] Yes, definitely, we can set the car to LHD or RHD.

Q) Is there anything else I need to worry about? Any other parts that I may need to buy, in order to fit the headlights? Do I need to buy an extra "warning light canceller"?

[üm•nitza] No, the Canbus has them built in.



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